Гдз по рабочей тетради по английскому языку 7 класс кауфман 2 часть

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Find the mistakes and correct them. He is the strongest boy in our class. That cake is the worst. He was the most handsome man in the family. Write your own sentences. Maths is easier than History for me. History is not as easy as Maths for me.

His backpack is lighter than mine. My backpack is not as light as his. Their camping stove is cheaper than ours.

Our camping stove is not as cheap as theirs. My torch is better than yours. Your torch is not as good as mine. Choose the right answer 1. Fill in the gaps and complete the sentences. The Eiffel Tower is in France. The Berlin Wall is in Germany. The Vatican Museum is in Italy. The Tsar Bell is in Russia. The Great Wall is in China. The Natural History Museum is in England. Match the names of the capitals and their transcription.

Match the names of the countries and their capitals. The capital of England is London. The capital of France is Paris. The capital of Italy is Rome. The capital of Spain is Madrid.

The capital of Turkey is Ankara. The capital of Russia is Moscow. The capital of China is Beijing. The capital of Japan is Tokyo. The capital of Germany is Berlin. Translate into Russian — Азия — самый большой континент в мире. Расположите названия континентов в порядке убывания из размеров.

Коралловое море — самое большое в мире. Самая глубокая точка на дне мирового океана — Марсианская впадина в Тихом океане.

Гималаи — самые высокие горы в мире. Озеро Байкал Самое глубокое в мире озеро Байкал. Оно длиной км и шириной 48 км. Глубина Байкала метров. Более рек впадают в Байкал и только одна — Ангара вытекает из него. Самоe соленое озеро в мире — Мертвое море. Из-за того, что в нем много соли, в этом море легко плавать. Нил Нил — самая длинная река в мире. Нил течет по Египту в Средиземное море.

Match the underlined words and their translations. Write the negative form of the adjectives unofficial, uncomfortable, untidy, unkind, unreal. Fill in the gaps with a positive or a negative form of the adjectives. Where did he go to? He went to St. Petersburg Where did he stay? He stayed in Peterhof. What did he see? He saw the beautiful fountains and palaces. What was the weather like? The weather was very nice. What did he promise to his Friends?

He promised to send postcards. How many postcards did he write? He wrote thirty-five postcards. Here are the answers. Where did they go? Where did they stay? Did you like it there? What was their room? What was the sea?

What was the food? What were the waiters? What was the entertainment? Use the или no article and answer the questions. Do more people speak Chinese or English?

Which is the largest country in the world? Is Africa larger than Europe? Which sea is larger the Baltic Sea or the Coral Sea?

Are the Himalayas or the Alps the biggest mountains in the world? Is the Caspian Sea or the Dead Sea the saltiest in the world? Is the Amazon shorter than the Nile? Does the Nile flow through Egypt or Iran? Next summer my family will go to the Crimea. I want to visit the British Museum. Oxford Street is the biggest shopping street in London. Tower of London stands on the river Tames. Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps.

Four men came to the forest by car. The men cut down the trees for their campfire. The men killed the fish with dynamite. They washed the car in the river.

Read and translate with a dictionary. Жил однажды мудрый старик. Он мог ответить на любой вопрос в мире. Все знали о нем. Однажды два мальчика сказали: Мы поймаем птицу, пойдем к этому старику и скажем: Это живое или мертвое?

Они поймали птицу, принесли ее к старику и сказали: Friends Guess the meaning of the underlined words. Add suffixes to these verbs and make nouns.

Choose the right answers. I see a plane in the sky. A lot of factories pollute our atmosphere. The Sun is the biggest star in our Galaxy. People went to the Moon in the th century.

Animals, plants, seas and oceans need our help. The environment is in danger. The water in this river is polluted. People breath air and drink water. Девять планет вращаются вокруг Солнца.

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. Меркурий — самая близкая планета к Солнцу. The largest planet in the solar system is Jupiter. Юпитер — самая большая планета в Солнечной системе. There are billions of stars in the Universe. Во Вселенной — миллиарды звезд. Astronomers think that the Earth and the planets formed 4,,, years ago.

Астрономы считают, что Земля и планеты образовались четыре миллиарда шестьсот миллионов лет тому назад. Make the questions for the underlined words. How many planets go round the sun? What is the clothest planet to the sun?

What is the largest planet in the solar system? How many stars are there in the Universe? Who thinks that the Earth and the planets formed 4,,, Use the prefix re-. Reuse this bag again. The workers had to rebuild this wall again. We made a mistake. Recount the people again. This flat is very old. We must redecorate it again.

Guess the meaning of the underlined words. Turn on the radio! I want to hear the news. Turn on the music. Выберите из списка слова, которые подходят под определение pollution. Match the verbs and the nouns. Make your own sentences with the word combinations. It is good to recycle litter.

It is better to go by public transport. People should pay a fine for pollution. Litter is rubbish which people drop in the streets. Recycling is using litter again 3. A fine is a the money you pay if you do something bad 4.

Pollution c can kill people 6. There will be no air without c forests 7. A plastic bottle lasts c forever 8. Greenpeace is an organization that protects the environment. Fill in the gaps with these words. There is one extra word. Our promise The people of the Earth will protect their planet. We will build special factories and recycle our rubbish.

Children will not drop litter and will help clean the forest. We will never forget to turn on the electricity and water. Look at the picture for ideas. Fill in the gaps with used to Translate into Russian My friend used to live in Moscow. Now he lives in St. Мой друг раньше жил в Москве. Сейчас он живет в Санкт-Петербурге. Kate hates cooking, but three years ago she used to cook for her children. Кейт ненавидит готовку, но три года назад она имела обыкновение готовить для своих детей, I used to visit my Granny every summer when I was a child.

Я имел обыкновение приезжать к моей бабушке каждое лето, когда я был ребенком. Я раньше хорошо говорил по-английски, но сейчас я этого не могу. Complete the sentences with the words in brackets.

The air used to be good, the sun used to shine and it used to be warm. They used to sleep in the tents on the ground. They used to cook their food on the camping. They used to pick berries and mushrooms. They used to swim in the river. Прибавьте окончание — ing к глаголам. Use the words in brackets in the Past Progressive.

She was washing up yesterday morning. They were picking up wood when we came. I was reading a book when she called. When we came, she was sleeping. She heard nothing when she opened the door. When the teacher looked at them, they were talking. He wanted to meet her at 10 p. They were on holiday when we called.

The sun was shining. All our Friends were watching us. I wanted to be the best. We were having a lot of fun when our teacher came in and stopped the game. Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets.

She was playing when they arrived. We were going up the street when we met him. Grandad was digging a hole when Mark saw him. He was looking for something when I turned on the lamp. He was drinking juice when she came into the kitchen. She was cooking dinner when he called. They were playing when the film began.

We were going down the street when we met him. My mother was buying vegetables when she saw me. Put the words in the right order and write sentences. I was sleeping when you called. I was having breakfast when I arrived. Make questions from these sentences. When was my father cooking dinner this afternoon? She was writing a letter to her friend when he phoned. Was she writing a letter to her friend when he phoned? Who was writing a letter to her friend when he phoned?

What was she doing when he phoned? When was she writing a letter to her friend? When were we making a campfire? What was our teacher telling about when the bell rang? Where was my Granny sitting when it got dark? Were you using the Internet? Were you watching a film with Friends?

What were you doing? What were you doing when I called? What was Mum doing at the time? Mum was cooking dinner at the time. Were you watching TV at 8 p. Yes, I was watching TV at 8 p. Was your brother watching TV at 8 p. My brother was reading a newspaper. When did your brother arrive? My brother arrived when I was having a breakfast.

Make sentences with the words. He забывайте, что обстоятельство места стоит перед обстоятельством времени. What were you doing on Sunday morning? Who was singing in your room yesterday morning?

What was she buying in that shop yesterday evening? When were they playing football? Найдите среди этих выражений вежливую просьбу. Match the expressions and the pictures. Could you stick to the point?

F ind the best translation for the expressions 1. Make these sentences more polite. Use could Could you close the door? Could you wash up? Could you answer my question?

Could you help your mother? Could you make a cup of tea? This is a new e-mail from Agent Cute. He made a lot of mistakes again. Translate the letter into English. Yesterday when I came in the office. Boss was speaking on the phone. Boss was speaking with police. Boss was not telling to me. He was looking for a document. To cut a long story short, you must be in England in three days. Listen, read and find. Eurolines British Airlines ferry f 52 and f f Find the translations of these sentences in the text.

It will take a long time. It took me only three and a half hours. How long does it take? Fill in the gaps with the words train, plane, bus.

The train is faster than bus, but it is not as fast as the plane. The train is more expensive than the bus, but it is not as expensive as the plane. The plane is not as cheap as the bus, but it is faster than the train.

The train is not as expensive as the plane, but it is more comfortable than the bus. The bus is the cheapest. The plane is the most comfortable.

Read the situations and write the sentences with it took. It took Agent Cute one hour to write a letter to Misha. It took Mary two days to read a book. It took us one day to clean the house. It took us two hours to get to Germany. Translate into Russian Чтобы умыться, ей требуется 15 минут.

Чтобы доехать до Москвы, тебе потребуется два часа. Чтобы найти книгу, ему потребовался месяц. Чтобы приготовить обед на костре, требуется полчаса. Чтобы очистить лес, детям потребовалось две недели. Ему надо много времени, чтобы добраться до своего офиса? Много ли потребуется времени, чтобы организовать ночную экскурсию в музей? Робину потребовалось много времени, чтобы вернуться домой? How long does it take to do your Homework? How long will it take you to get to Moscow?

How long does it take your mother to cook dinner? How long did it take them to put up a tent? How long does it take you to read a book? How long does it take builders to build a house?

Read the words in transcription. Босс прислал Маквизардам копию похищенной записки. Listen, read and translate them with a dictionary. Робу Это находится сейчас в далекой земле. Друиды отдали это перед тем, как уйти. Наша семья передавала это от отца к сыну.

Оно одно в семи, семь в одной. Однажды это принесло смерть, Однажды это показало путь, Однажды это принесла богатство, Однажды это спасло день, Однажды это принесло любовь, Однажды это принесло надежду, Однажды это принесло мир воюющим народам.

Она была добро к некоторым людям и заставило некоторых плакать. Но к добру или нет, оно спасло их жизни. Но они потеряли это, и сокровище потерялось. Найди семь ключей и сокровище твое.

Он хотел найти что-то важное в доме. Но грабитель ничего не взял. Когда мистер Ларкин обнаружил его, он пытался открыть старый ящик. В этом ящике лежат древние книги. Затем грабителю были нужны старые книги? Потому что в них есть ключ к старому сокровищу. Но здесь тысячи книг. Мы не можем их все прочитать. Никто не найдет это сокровище. Я думаю, все проще. Мы должны найти семь историй об одном, потому что одно в семи, и семь в одном.

И оно пришло от Друидов. Поэтому мы должны начать с них. Я помню очень интересную историю в старой рукописи. Давайте попробуем начать с нее. Match the names and the descriptions. Fill in the gaps with the words and complete the information. More than two thousand years ago Celts lived on the British Isles. They lived in groups. We call these groups tribes.

Every group has it king or queen. They came with their leader Julius Caesar. They won a lot of battles and left. The Romans came back in AD They came with 40, soldiers.

The Romans were the great builders. They built cities, roads and bridges. Their capital in Britain was Colchester. Romans built London too. They called it Londinium.

A lot of Celts learnt this Language. Sometimes Celts and Romans lived together, but sometimes they were enemies. Do the crossword and find the first key to the treasure. Helori Roman Patrick Celt. Look at the picture and write: What were the people doing when the boss came into the room?

Sabby was reading a book. Maggy was writing a letter. Peggy was playing computer games. Simon was talking on the phone. What were you doing at 6 p.

What were you doing when the teacher came in the class? What were you doing at 3 a. What were you doing at 10 a. How long does it take you to get from home to school? Match the first and the second parts of the situations. To cut a long story short. This story is very fishy. Употребите подчеркнутые прилагательные в значении существительных. Unit 1 Say hello to your old friends Lesson 1,2 Do you remember us?

Помоги нам стать лучше! Английский язык является мировым способом общения, поэтому его изучение так важно для каждого ученика. Ведь для получения хорошо оплачиваемой должности человек должен знать английский на уровне хотя бы разговорного. В 7 классе дети уже знают достаточно слов на английском, чтобы общаться на основные темы. Но новые темы могут стать для них немного затруднительными, ведь кроме английского языка школьники изучают еще много других предметов.

He is from Japan. We live in Turkey. In Italy they speak Italian. Our boss works day and night because he is a workaholic. I am the director of this school. Olga lives in Russia, It is a very big country. Did Robin come from Edinburgh or from London? Do you speak Japanese? We want to go to Turkey next year. It is the best time in Turkey. Answer the questions about the characters. Who is learning Russian? Agent Cute is learning Russian. Who is going to read history books? Rob is going to read history books.

Who likes to help people? Boss likes to help people. Who got lost in Russia? Misha Inin found Rob. Who likes reading books? Rob, Rosy and Mark like reading books. Who is a workaholic? Boss is a workaholic. Who went to the Edinburgh of the past? Robin went to the Edinburgh of the past. Who had a pen friend in Russia? Rob had a pen friend in Russia. Who goes to an ordinary school? Misha Inin goes to an ordinary school.

Подчеркни названия стран, не совпадающие с названием языков. Look at the menu of the Food of the World restaurant.

Match the food and the country. You can have the best sushi in Japan. You can have the best pizza in Italy. You can have the best borsch in Russia. You can have the best Roquefort in France. Fish and chips are English. You can have the best fish and chips in England. Chicken with rice is Chinese.

You can have the best chicken with rice in China. You can have the best kebab in Turkey. You can have the best frankfurters in Germany. Paella is Spanish, You can have the best paella in Spain.